02 June 2012

two days of "babby's first manicure"

New and interesting things learned today! Mostly that taking pictures is a lot easier when you're not busy being a total slobber-flinging idiot. I could easily find the manual for this camera online, but I'm going to pretend I can't because apparently the only way I come to any kind of understanding is if I bang rocks together for about two hours. It's an ADVENTURE.

Now, I do my nails pretty much every day. I don't do them particularly well, or interestingly, but I've been in the habit since January and I'm well beyond the point of no return. (I'M IN POLISH COUNTRY NOW. It is similar to flavor country. Retrospectively, polish country could be interpreted as Poland. Please do not make this mistake.) Since I want to pace content--and lord knows that if there's one thing I can do, it's ooze words from my pores in impressive but gross quantities--I probably won't post nails daily. But take pictures of them?

Oh hell yes. Let's do this.


- 1 thick coat Wet 'n' Wild Mega Shine "Bijou Blue"
- 1 sponged coat China Glaze "Electrify"
- Base Coat: Sally Hansen Double Duty Strengthening Base & Top Coat
- Top Coat: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat

I would like to take aside Bijou Blue's parents and have some words with them. The formula on this polish was total watery bullshit. It's one of those where you can never consistently get the same amount on the brush each time; you either clean off too much and have to go back for a second dip which will also come back bone dry like the fucking Sahara, or there's way too much and you get some seriously Biblical flooding that makes a beeline for every conceivable ridge and valley you have in or around your fingernails. Or, the third possibility, which is my favorite: you wipe off just the right amount, but there is a hidden drop lurking near the top of the brush, waiting for the exact moment when it can swoop in and make a tactical nuclear strike on your nails. I had major issues with #3, which is why it ended up being one thick coat, and also why I had some serious bubbling going on up in here. This polish basically lives to ruin your day, which is a shame because I really love the color and the not-too-frosty, not-too-metallic finish.

Electrify played nice with all the other kids and received A+ in every subject except cleanliness and hygiene. It got an F in that category, where the "F" stands for "Fuck glitter cleanup". For some reason, Electrify is right up there with Luxe and Lush (from the same collection) in terms of frequency/loudness re: the cussing it inspires directly from my vocal cords. It is hands down one of the worst glitters I own when it comes to getting it off my nails. It even shows the aluminum foil method who's actually in charge around here. I practically have to take a damn power sander to this shit.

But hey, it's worth it, right? I really do love Electrify; it's so dense, and gold/red is a combo near and dear to my cajun-blackened heart. It's usually worth the pain.


- 1 medium coat Wet 'n' Wild Megalast "Haze of Love"
- 1 medium coat China Glaze Crackle "Crushed Candy"
- Base Coat: Sally Hansen Double Duty Strengthening Base & Top Coat
- Top Coat: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat

I'm not sure about this one! I think I liked the idea of turquoise + red a little more when I was just comparing the bottles before I got it on my fingers. It's not necessarily that they don't go together, but the fact that the balance is off; too much  red or too much turquoise. ALAS. This was the first time I actually hated China Glaze's brush and wished for one of those thick behemoth brushes Sally Hansen and WnW seem so fond of; crackles dry so fast that with the tiny baby brush, I'm struggling to get the entire nail painted evenly before my first strokes dry and start cracking. 

Still, I'm really digging China Glaze's crackles in all (love that distressed look) and I'm pretty stoked to try out the rest of the ones I grabbed from Sally Beauty's clearance sale. 

(WnW Mega Shine and Megalast polishes retail for $.99 and $1.99 respectively, available at drugstores. China Glaze retails for $7 at various retailers, but I buy mine for $3 through head2toebeauty.com.)

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